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The Carlisle TPO Roofing system membrane is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation consisting of resins and plastcizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardant, and UV absorbents.  A weft insertion knitted scrim that is laminated between tow layers of film gives the membrane it’s strength and durability.  The Carlisle TPO membrance is available in white, tan or grey.


Custom Prefabricated for every building

roof diagramEvery Carlisle TPO project is prefabricated to fit every building roof precisely.  By preforming 80-85% of membrane seaming in our controlled factory environment, Carlisle TPO reduced the potential for roof top installation errors and leaks that can occur with other systems.  Also, custom fabricated stacks and curb flashing eliminate nearly 100% of rooftop labor from the most critical roof areas – Transitions and changes of plane.  The Carlisle TPO is perfect for any new retrofit project on buildings with flat or low-sloped roofs.



Installed Without Disrupting Building Operations

Installation is quiet and safe, without loud machinery, hazardous materials, noxious fumes, hot tar or mess.  A new Carl;isle TPO single ply roof system can often be installed over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off, virtually eliminating debris that could disrupt building activities or damage sensitive equipment.




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